Lorenzon has been manufacturing blades since 1933 and it has become a synonym of quality and professionalism in the processing of metals throughout the years.

ALCO is a registered brand throughout the world: it provides unmistakable proof that the material used for the production of industrial blades and knives is provided exclusively by LORENZON.

The production process is performed and controlled directly, starting with the selection of the steel right through to the final sharpening process : everything must be perfectly tuned, just like in an orchestra. Nothing must be left to chance.

We can provide you with our long experience in order to define the correct cutting angles according to the type of material to be cut.

The blades may be built from various kinds of integral steel, compound steel and hard metal: various levels of quality can be chosen according to price, use and the lifetime required.

The blades made from compound steel are normally built using steels ALCO 550 and ALCO 650. Hard metal (tungsten carbide and cobalt) is indicated by the quality ALCO 750.

We are willing to listen to your requirements at any time in order to provide you with the right “custom-made” product.

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