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How to choose the right cutter


In this article we are going to briefly summarize the possible uses of a cutter, the various types and how Lorenzon can help in choosing the best solution.

The cutter is a work tool that can easily be found in different environments: it can be used for various types of graphic work and cutting of drawings, small offices and typography or it can be used in home environments.

In general, two types of cutters can be distinguished based on the type of blade used:

  • Manual or mechanical lever cutters, used for thicker cuts, but with an important limit relating to the maximum format that can be cut (A3, 297 X 420 mm).
  • Rotary blade cutters, used for cuts up to A0 format (841 X 1179 mm) and used for cutting thinner thicknesses

Type of blades

In terms of the type of blades, the lever cutters mount a steel blade of different quality depending on the use and the material to be cut. Consult our article Paper blades – difference between types of steel to learn more about this topic.

The rotary blade cutter can have interchangeable blades according to the different types of cut required.

Cutting ability

The quality of a cutter is often associated with its cutting ability. This is defined as the number of sheets that can be cut at one time by the cutter. Generally, lever trimmers have a greater cutting capacity (up to 40/50 sheets), while rotary lever trimmers rarely exceed 20 sheets.

In both cases the safety systems have a fundamental function. The removal of the protections has caused irreparable damage to people and things.

The choice of the right blade

Choosing the right blade is essential to guarantee an optimal cutting result and the correct functioning of the cutter.

For any doubt or curiosity, we are at your disposal to advise you on the best type of blade according to the type of paper you are going to cut, your machine and how much you will use the cutter. Visit our page Paper blades and fill out the form by entering your message.