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Quality Control and Hardness: Brinell test

In this article we define what hardness is, how it is measured and what the Brinell test consists of. We then delve into what are the critical issues and conditions for successful performance of this test by making a comparison with other hardness tests.

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Deburring of the blade’s edge

The deburring process consists of removing small burrs that form along the blade’s edge. In this article we explain what burrs are and why their removal is essential to improve the cutting quality of the blade.

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Functioning of slitter knives in the metal industry

Slitter knives are indispensable tools in the metal industry, enabling the precise and efficient slitting of metal coils into narrower widths. Their design, maintenance, and proper functioning significantly impact the quality and productivity of the metal manufacturing process. In this article we delve into how they work in the metallurgical industry.

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