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Deburring of the blade’s edge


The deburring process consists of removing small burrs that form along the blade's edge. In this article we explain what burrs are and why their removal is essential to improve the cutting quality of the blade.

Deburring the edge of a blade – what are burrs?

The deburring process consists of removing small burrs that form along the blade’s edge.

The presence of these burrs, in general, is due to the wear of the blade, abrasion during machining and also to small imperfections formed during the sharpening process, if this is not done correctly.

We have made a short video in which we explain why burr removal is crucial for the quality of the cut and show, with Dario, our long-time collaborator, how to quickly perform a blade edge test: Watch video

Why it’s important to remove burrs

Removing burrs is essential for two reasons:

  • To improve the quality of the cut and therefore of the finished product. The burrs, in fact, generate inaccurate and uneven cuts.
  • To prolong the service life of the blade. If burrs are not removed, more force will be used to make the cut. This greater force will generate more friction, which will degrade the condition of the blade edge very quickly.

How to assess the condition of the edge and remove burrs: the blade edge test

As Dario explains in the video there are two ways to tell if the blades are deburred:

  • As for small blades, the fingernail of the hand is mostly used. You run your fingernail over the blade’s edge and feel if burr is present. If burrs are present, they will be deburred with a special stone
  • In the case of large blades, however, the use of hands is strongly discouraged. Bits of paper are then used and passed over the blade. If the paper “jumps” and stops while being run, then it means burrs are present. In this case we proceed to deburring with some deburring machines.

To deburr a blade correctly, there are rules to follow that are part of our company know-how: an experience that has evolved and been handed down since 1933

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