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Sliding Guides

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Sliding Guides

At Lorenzon we have been successfully designing and manufacturing linear guides for decades to support moving parts and ensure the proper movement of any type of machine tool. When commercial sliding guide systems do not provide adequate precision and support, the design and manufacturing of special custom guides becomes necessary to deliver the required performance and durability.

At Lorenzon we offer a detailed analysis of construction drawings and are at the customer’s complete disposal to study and suggest modifications that will improve the performance of the motion system. We oversee the entire guide production process, starting with the selection of materials, for which we source from the largest steel suppliers in Italy and Europe. Our goal is to meet our customers’ requirements: to meet lead time, at the right price, strictly adhering to the dictates of quality.

Our technology enables us to achieve extremely tight tolerances in terms of roughness and parallelism on guides up to 7 m long.

We have the ability to manufacture guides in a wide range of materials according to customer requirements and to apply the most suitable heat treatment. We select the material that ensures the guide’s appropriate surface hardness, high wear resistance, ease of sliding, durability, and resistance to the pressures exerted by the machine tool on the motion system.

The hardness of the guides is one of the fundamental characteristics in the manufacturing process of guides. Generally, high hardness, or even better, hardness suited to the specific application required, ensures greater durability of the motion system as well as better resistance to wear and more robust support for the machine tool. As with blades, the hardness of the guides can be modified by adjusting the tempering cycle.

For every requirement and each material, there is an appropriate heat treatment. In the case of sliding guides, one of the following treatments is typically used: induction hardening, core hardening and nitriding

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Thermal Treatment

C45 60 HRC
40CrMnMoS8.6 1.2312 60 HRC
90MnCrV8 1.2842 60 HRC
CORE HARDENING X210CrV12 1.2080 62 HRC
X155CrVMo121 1.2379 62 HRC
NITRIDING HARDOX 400 (UNI) 1000 Vickers
HARDOX 500 (UNI) 1000 Vickers

*** The table shows only some of the most common materials for guides. . At Lorenzon, we process any type of material, and we match it with the appropriate heat treatment in order to precisely achieve the goal required by the customer. We also collaborate with our customers in the study and development of construction drawings to ensure the highest performance for the sliding system.

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