Linear Guides for machine tools


Guides built in different materials according to the customer specifications, used in different industrial sectors. The guides are used, in general, to support the moving parts of the machines: Lorenzon offers a detailed analysis of the construction drawings and is at your complete disposal to suggest and study improvements and modifications.

The entire production process, starting from the choice of materials, is supervised by us. The goal is to satisfy customer needs: respecting lead times, at the right price, strictly adhering to the dictates of quality.

Our technology allows us to obtain extremely tight tolerances in terms of planarity and parallelism up to lengths of 5 meters.

The following materials are normally used:

  • Steels subject to total heat or induction treatments

  • Case hardening and nitrogen hardening steels

  • Bronze, brass, aluminium, and other anti – friction materials

Induction and cementation treatments are also performed, as well as ionic and gaseous nitriding.


Paola Telò


Angela Occhipinti

Germany, Asia and Northern Europe

Giulia Giuliani

Spain, USA and South America