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Our History

Leader in precision engineering and industrial blades’ production

Lorenzon history coincides with precision mechanics development in Italy. Since 1933, the year in which the founders created what was to become in short time a strong point of reference in the Italian steel industry, Lorenzon has immediately become a synonym of quality, professionalism and reliability in metal working.

The company continued to develop over the years; to maintain its prestige, Lorenzon constantly upgraded the equipment. In doing so, the company was able to face the prosperous years of the economic boom by improving manufacturing and thus placing itself in the small circle of companies that shone for production capacity and quality in that period.

storia Lorenzon - operaio della Lorenzon che usa il martello su delle lame
storia Lorenzon - operario della Lorenzon in officina che lavora ad una macchina

Lorenzon’s rise was then crowned in the nineties, when the quality of the products and the precision of his works made it possible to obtain the ISO 9001 certification from one of the major certification companies recognized by the European community and all over the world.

Even today, the “Lorenzon” attitude, synonymous with attention to the quality of the work, is the basic principle for actual generation. This continuity is the prerequisite that allows the company to be projected into a future made of continuous growth and improvement.

Lorenzon has gone beyond the normal concept of quality, creating the internationally recognized ALCO brand, which uniquely identifies the quality of the materials used.

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