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Paper, printing and Packaging

Lorenzon was founded in 1933 as the first Italian company specializing in the production and sharpening of blades for paper processing, and soon became a leader at the European level in the manufacturing of tight-tolerance, high-performance cutting devices.

To this day, with almost a century of know-how, we produce and export blades worldwide for longitudinal cutters, cross cutters, blades for typography and bookbinding, blades for continuous form and digital printing.

Our nearly 100 years of industry knowledge has made us partners with the leading OEM and users at the international level.

Our blades Types

At Lorenzon, we specialize in the manufacture of tight-tolerance, high-performance custom parts. Specifically, we are able to help you with the production of:

  • Top and Bottom slitter knives – Score cutters and razor blades

  • Straight perforation knives – Three side trimmers

  • Sheet cutters – Circular perforation knives

  • Guillottine & Trimmer knives

At Lorenzon, we manufacture cutting blades suitable for all the most common machines in the world, such as Mandelli, Polar, and Wohlenberg. We are proudly the sole repository in Europe of technical drawings for the most popular cutting blades. With a vast warehouse at our disposal, we serve our customers quickly.

We design and manufacture the best solutions on the market in integral steel, paired steel, HSS and Widia hardmetal, painstakingly tailored to our customers’ needs, and guiding them through all critical stages of the purchasing process.

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Material Quality

There is a material best suited for each use case. Once the material is identified, we work closely with the world’s leading steel mills for procurement. Material quality is an issue of paramount importance; for this reason, we own the internationally recognized ALCO brand, with which we unequivocally identify the quality of the steels used and conduct a quality control of incoming materials.

Lorenzon Code WERKSTOFF ED. 1974 ISO/UNI 2955 PARTS 3/5 AISI
ALCO 220 1.2080 0 1.2436 X205Cr12KU D3
ALCO 320 1.3343 HS 6-5-6-2 X82WMoV65 M2
ALCO 520 1.2379 X165CrMoV12 or X155CrMoV121KU D2
ALCO 120 1.2842 90MnVCr8KU or 100Cr6 O2
ALCO 1000 1.3344 S-6-5-3 M3:2
ALCO 2000
ALCO 420 1.4021 0 1.4028 or 1.4031 or 1.4116 or other 420 or 304 or 316
ALCO 550 1.2519 or 1.2552 or 1.2516 or 1.2510 110WCrV5; 80WCrV8; 120WV4; 100MnCrW4 F1; O1
ALCO 650 1.3355 HS 18-0-1 X75WCrV18 T1
ALCO 750 Tungsten carbide
ALCO 750 plus Tungsten carbide tungsten carbide

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Angela Occhipinti

Germany, Asia and Northern Europe

Giulia Giuliani

Spain, USA and South America