Quality, no compromise


Quality Policy

Quality pervades many aspects of the daily work and is made up of a set of principles and values used as a guideline to serve customers in an excellent way. In detail, Lorenzon S.r.l. undertakes to:

  • Exceed customer expectations, through customized technological solutions, continuous dialogue and a timely response to problems that arise.
  • Promote a culture based on small continuous improvements, which overall guarantee a great result.
  • Making processes more efficient and increasing their flexibility, in order to promptly respond to the different needs of customers.
  • Train employees in their respective areas of expertise, helping to constantly increase their curiosity and expertise.
  • Building a reality in which everyone feels fully responsible for his work, and completely gratified for the final result achieved.
Qualità Lorenzon - operaio della Lorenzon che usa il martello su delle lame
qualità - operaio della Lorenzon che pulisce e lucida delle lame


Each product is strictly checked before being shipped to the customer:

  • Dimensional control
  • Surface finishing control
  • Hardness control

Non-destructive tests such as penetrating liquids and ultrasounds are available upon request.


The quality of our works, combined with the organization of internal business processes, allowed us to obtain and renew over time ISO 9001 certification. The certification was issued by one of the major certification companies at European and international level.

Are you looking for a customized product?

Industrial blades, liners, wear plates and guides designed and produced according to your requests