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Mechanical Processing

We perform machining to drawing: we are able to mill and grind up to 6000 mm and turning up to 1000 mm in diameter. The work on behalf of third parties are handled with the same care taken in the performance of the finished products. We carry out work of carpentry and welding of different materials and are able to carry out assembly of parts or finished machineries.

lavorazioni meccaniche - servizi Lorenzon
affilatura - servizi Lorenzon


Lorenzon offers its customers a quick and easy sharpening and maintenance service on the entire range of products.

Laser Marking

In Lorenzon we are able to personalize our products with the laser marking of customized logos in order to meet even the requests of the most demanding customers

marcatura laser - servizi Lorenzon
servizi Lorenzon - consulenza


A qualifying aspect of our services is after-sales consultancy. We provide assistance on the installation of the products, on their correct use, their conservation and maintenance

Are you looking for a customized product?

Industrial blades, liners, wear plates and guides designed and produced according to your requests