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The Shears

We are manufacturers of blades used for the cross or longitudinal cutting of extruded or rolled products. Shear blades present some elements of complexity that primarily derive from the type of cut, whether cross or longitudinal, and the environment in which they must operate (mainly cold for rolled products, hot for extrusions).

At Lorenzon, we design and execute the best solution for our customers based on critical elements in metal cutting: the material to be cut, the thickness and the mechanical strength, expressed in Mpa

Based on these parameters, we suggest on a case-by-case basis the best steel to use for the construction of the blades, taking into account the type of machine used and the heat treatment to be performed to provide the tool with suitable mechanical properties and wear resistance. We leverage our nearly 100 years of experience to serve our customers, aiming to offer the right balance in terms of cost and delivery times without compromising on quality.

Our blades guarantee: stringent dimensional and geometric tolerances, appropriate hardness, high wear resistance, proper heat treatment.

Paola Telò


Angela Occhipinti

Germany, Asia and Northern Europe

Giulia Giuliani

Spain, USA and South America