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Rubber Spacers

Rubber spacers are used on slitter machines to improve cut quality and prevent strip bending. They consist of a metal core and a rubber ring. The metal core is made of tool steel, usually 100Cr6, and is generally core-hardened to ensure longer durability. The rubber ring is made of nitrile rubber or polyurethane, depending on the use case. The hardness of the rubber also varies according to the application.

We source directly from the best compound suppliers in Europe and offer customers a wide range of colors so as to assist them in the differentiation and reordering process.

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Metal Spacers

Metal spacers contribute to the correct positioning of the blades on the cutting shaft. They are usually core-hardened and made from stainless steels and alloy steels.

We manufacture custom metal spacers, ensuring extremely precise tolerances to achieve the correct clearance between the blades.

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